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Solar car Emilia 4 - designed by Prof. Marko Lukovic 

for Italian national solar racing team Onda Solare 

and Alma Mater studiorum University of Bologna


Emilia 4 is the Winner of American Solar Challenge race - july 2018, American Solar Challenge

(cruiser category - multi ocupant category)


World premiere of Emilia 4, was in Ferrari Museum (Maranello, Italy).

The Italian team Onda Solare unveiled on Monday, June 11th 2018., its new prototype: Emilia 4, the first Italian solar powered four seater car. 


In the beautiful venue of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, the group of engineers and technicians of Onda Solare presented its new vehicle, 100% Made in Italy. The project is born from the collaboration between the University of Bologna and many Italian companies working in the energetic and automotive sectors.


Developed and built in Emilia Romagna, Emilia 4 is 4.6 meter long, 1.8 meter wide and 1.2 meter high, it is equipped with a 5 square meter photovoltaic roof, made of 362 silicon cells, with a nominal power of 1200W.


Batteries included, the empty vehicle weights 230 kg and it can load 4 people and 2 luggages, namely 360 kg.

The car has an autonomy of 600 km without sun light at an average speed of 50-60km/h.


The first real test started  on July 14th,  2018., with the American Solar Challenge, the Italian team was the only European team among the 32 entrants, challenging the most important universities in the USA, as MIT, Berkeley and Georgia Tech just to name a few.


The route has covered 2700 km from Nebraska to Oregonn states in USA,




World premiere of Emilia 4 LT (Long Tail), was in Ferrari Museum (Maranello, Italy). on July 27th, 2019.


Emilia 4 LT (Long Tail) is a modification of original Emilia 4 for the Brigestone World Solar Chalenge 2019

that is organized in Autralia for the race 3000 km long from Darwin to Adaleide. 




Prof. Marko Lukovic and Emila 4 awarded for its design by

Serbian Associations of Applied Artist and Designers (ULUPUDS)